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Novice and advanced runners are very keen to improve. This can lead to runners following training schedules not relevant for them. A beginner or novice runner should not follow the same training program put together for a professional runner. Following someone else’s plan is no recipe for success and leads only to injuries. For any improving athlete it is important to have a tailored training program with an emphasis on core strength and conditioning, which takes the athlete’s strength and weaknesses into account.

This is where I can help and will work with you to develop a relevant training program tailored to your running ability, your needs, goals and suitable to your lifestyle.





Looking for a training schedule for marathon, half-marathon, 10k, 5k, middle-distance or cross-country I can offer custom-made training programs for all these events with full personal coaching support.

  • Initial Coach-runner meeting or call to establish current level and goals, previous training and racing history and any other relevant lifestyle factors to include run to determine starting fitness.

  • Weekly running program emailed with detailed explanation of each workout

  • Regular feedback via email, phone

  • Further communication after each feedback like how program can be adjusted e.g due to injury/illness or changes in race plans.


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